The ancient world of Arts and Entertainment!

Proudly brought to you by Samiksha and Melissa

Welcome to the ancient world of arts and entertainment. Over here you will learn how
ancient people entertain themselves and not bore themselves to death.

Samiksha = Egyptians, Melissa = Romans for Questions 1, 2, 3 & 6.

This page will tell you about the extraordinary paintings made during the ancient
days and how they made them with no knowledge of oil paints etc.
Ancient people get bored too, so what do they do when they have nothing else to do?
Hiphop and rock are the types of music we listen to and we dance jazz and
ballroom but what did the ancient people prefer?
Greeks are well-known for their amazing architecture, culture and art. This is a general page on the art and entertainment of Greeks.
We all know the Olympics games. It is a sports event held every four years and hosted by a designated country. People from every single country participates in it. The recent one was in 2008, Bei Jing, China. The next one in which are looking forward to is in 2012, London. But who actually started it?
We celebrate Christmas and Easter, and funny ones like Red Nose Day. Find out the cooky
festivals they enjoy!



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