Both Rachel and I felt that this whole project was a success from start to finish. We work exeptionally well together as demonstrated by our progress during class sessions as well as working on the project at home. We struck up a deal: I would proofread Rachel's work for grammatical errors if she helped me insert the images on my focus questions. We believe that we have thoroughly covered all aspects of our focus questions and completed the project with flair. During the course of this project we learnt how to edit the fonts, pictures and add captions all using wikispaces. We also learnt to complete the arduous (sorry, Mr. E) task of uploading our mindmap. We are satisfied and fully content with our work and believe we don't have any need for improvement. Working with Areti has been a pleasure and I feel that we make a great team. I believe, that through our deal we managed to work together collaboratively. This project has made me realise how similar our modern society is to the ancient Egyptian culture. I believe that useing wikispace is a great way to display work and research.