Ancient Egypt

Social structure By: Katelyn and Margarita 8a

Focus questions: images_1.jpg

Introduction page:

1. What were the different roles between the upper and lower classes?
In 2011 the roles of men and womens are basically the same, in ancient Egypt they were very different;
on this page it tells all about it.

2. What was everyday life like for the upper and lower classes?
On this page you will see the difference between the upper and lower classes in everyday life (general life).

3. What were the popular trends and who set them?
In Egypt fashion was important, their fashion trends were very wonderful and beautiful, how does it ancient_egypt-harpist.jpg
compare to today?

4. What was classified as entertainment ?
Entertainment was a big part in the lives of the daily lives of Egypians so one this opage you will learn
about it.

5. What is the difference between how we treated the dead bodies before (ancient Egypt) and now?
Funerals now are sad times but in ancient Egypt they were happy times, but why?

6. What was the difference in food between the upper and lower classes?
In the lower classes food was simple and in the upper classes was wondrefully prepared and presented.IMG00039.jpg

7. What was the structure/social hierarchy of Ancient Egypt?
This page will inform you on the structure/social hierarchy of ancient Egypt (the upper and the lower
classes), back then the hierarchy was really obvious but now not so much.

Reflection and Bibliography

Mind map