Ruby's Questions:
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1. What was the mummification process and why/when did they use it?

How did the Egyptians deal with the dead, and who got the honor of being mummified? You'll find out here.

2. What did the ancient Egyptians believe was the afterlife ?

The Egyptians had a lot of theories on what happened beyond death and here you'll find out exactly what they thought awaited them in the afterlife.

Jiya's Questions:

3. Why did royals kill their slaves and put personal belongings in their coffin when a pharaoh died?

Here you will find why the royals took a lot of stuff with them when they died and if the slaves were happy or not with them dying with the pharoah.

4. What is the difference between royal burials and poor burials?

Here you will find the difference between the two burials.

5. Why did King Tut die so young? Is it clear how he died? Do these illnesses exist today?

Here you will find out what happened to king tut.

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