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Edward Rickards
Courtesy of Creative Commons - Scrolls of Writing

1. What were the Various Types of Punishments used in Ancient Greece?
- The main punishments of ancient Greece, surprisingly not only death.

2. What was the Legal System in Ancient Greece?
- Ancient Greece's legal system was just as advanced as the civilisation itself.

3. What were the Main Laws in Ancient Greece?
- The laws that were used frequently and that were signifigantly.

Jackson Batchelor's

1. How were Punishments Decided on and by Whom?
- Punishments weren't that different from the Roman ones.

2. Who were the Main Law Enforcers of Ancient Greece?
-You'll never guess who enforcers the law.

3. How were Crimes in Ancient Greece Solved?
-The police didn't investigate the crimes, then who did?


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