In ancient times many things were considered crimes. Things that today might not even
require a talking to were considered crimes, with the punishments being much more severe as well. If you hit
your father you got you hand cut off! If you killed him you were thrown in a sack with a
snake, an ape, a dog and a cockerel then you were chucked into the river to die. Some
punishments were just plain pointless, like if you accused someone of murder but
couldn't prove it, you were killed. Some laws were very exact: like if outlaws go to a
wine makers house and are not arrested the wine maker will be killed.

Some other common punishments were:
  • Beheading (Getting your head cut off)
  • Strangling
  • Throwing a criminal from the Tarpeian Rock (Getting thrown off the
southern summit of the Capitoline Hill)
  • Crucifixion (Getting your hands nailed to a cross and left to die)
  • Tying someone up and throwing them in the river
These days, punishments are humane, and in Australia you can't get the
death penalty. Each case is looked over properly with a judge and, depending
on the severity of the case, a jury too.

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