Algy's Reflection

I think I haven't put as much effort into this wiki as I could have. I kept thinking 'I don't need to work on my wiki I have five more weeks to do that. I think if I had got my first choice of subject (medicine) I would have done more work, Crime and Punishment just had a minute amount of information on it. In books a large book dedicated to an acient civilision might have one page for crime and punishment that really is the same as what was in the last book that I looked at, it was the same story with websites. It also isn't something I am very interested about whereas medicine is so... full and interesting. So I didn't have much motivation. But as I said I could have done more anyway but I also didn't want to repeat myself either because it makes for a very boring wiki. Johnny worked really well thoough and I don't know how he found all his information. I also didn't choose the best questions. I choose ones that that I thought were interesting but I ended up with questions that had no information! My last question 'What did prisons look like?' had one website with information. Next time I will make more effort getting a topic and questions that I actually CAN answer not just the ones that look interesting and the least people know about, maybe people don't know about these questions because there is no information on them!

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