Why did people believe in mythology and religion?

People believed in mythology and religion because mythology was part of there religion (Dodecatheon). It was also there way telling how thing worked in the world, and was there way of explaining natural phenomoni. It was believed by the Greeks that following mythology and religion would give them a better understanding of there gods. Most of the time, they did not believe they were true, just that it would help them to receive a greater understanding of there gods. Greek mythology started 935bc or/and 1000bc, and is still part of life today. They believed in religion because they thought it would make there lives easier and better while living. They also believed that religion was a path to god, and he would take care of them in the after life.

Comparison to modern day

In these modern days, religion and mythology is not as important as it was in ancient Greece. They still worship god and religion but not as vigorously. Some still go to church, worship god and believe in mythology. Also these days. people are not forced to worship god and religion.

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