What did the ancient Greeks believe happened to them after death?

´╗┐The ancient Greeks believed that after they died, there souls would not would not be reincarnated into another bodily form or placed back on earth, but they did believe that there souls and spirits would go to heaven or hell. The location was known to be based on how they lived there life before they died. They believed that in was necessary to live under the powers of the gods, so they tried to please them with sacrifices, hymns, prayers and living in constant awareness of the anger the gods were capable of. Because the after life was based on how they lived in the real life, they took many precautions to stay true and and on good terms with the gods.

Comparison to modern day

These days people still believe in the after life, but not so seriously. Most people are not educated in what is supposed to happen in the after life, so most people think they will go to heaven and that's it. All in all, we cant really tell what is defiantly going to happen because know one has really witnessed it.

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