In Ancient Greece did the myths and religion change over time? If so, how?

In Ancient Greece, both myths and religion were extremely important to the citizens. The myths, were stories of heroes and Gods and explained everything from storms, love, nature, beauty, art, music, the environment, and human strengths and weaknesses.These myths were handed down from generation to generation, providing a way to adapt through life.
Myths and legends were a part of Ancient Greek religion.

Religion played an important part in the lives of ancient Greeks, they believed that spiritual forces were kind to humans and these Gods were offered prayers and sacrifices of animals and other food items, in the hope that they would be kind to man. There was no devil in Greek religion, however, they believed in the underworld. Religious gatherings were conducted in groups in public.

Comparison to modern society

The myths became intrenched in daily life. Art and sculpture reflected the Gods & heroes of all myths. Now, in modern society, there are lots of statues and paintings of the Ancient Greek Gods and heroes with their stories.
Greek mythology influenced lots of the writing, culture and the arts in western society, over the years.

Now, there are many different types of religions that people follow. They worship in churches, temples, synagogues.
Some people don't believe in any god or any religion and are atheists.

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