How did mythology and religion begin in ancient Greece?

Mythology and religion have been in Greece since the very beginning of time. It began with stories of there gods and goddesses, and changed into stories about everything like wildlife, people, the after life and many more things like that. They all believed that there gods had amazing powers, so they made stories and legends about them. The oldest sources of mythology in ancient Greece are two epic poems by Homer. They are called 'The Odyssey' and 'Iliad'.
Later, many people tried to make hymns, poems, tragedies, plays, arts, artists and myths about the Gods, about heroes such as Hercules and Thiseas, about important kings, such as Minos, about the wars of the gods, the wars of the people. With religion and mythology, there are no exact dates, only estimates and guesses. Ancient Greek religion is thought to of started around the Aryan invasions of the 2d millennium B.C. Those invaders met and came in contact with two other people who had existed in the region of Greece from Neolithic times: the Aegeans and the Minoans of Crete. The Aryans became one with the Aegean and Minoan cultures to create what is now considered Greek culture and religion.

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