Short Stories and Myths

The creation of the world

In the begining there was Chaos. From Chaos the first gods were born -- Uranus and Gaea, the sky and the earth. They had plenty of children, but Uranos shut them all in Tartarus because he couldn't stand their ugliness. Desperate Gaia told one of her sons into revange. Cronus cut his father's secret parts off with a sword. And Cronus' reign began and the king of gods married his sister, Rhea. Afraid of his father's prophecy, which said that he will be killed by his son, the god ate all his children just after they were born. Rhea couldn't stand it any longer and when she gave birth to Zeus, she gave her husband a stone in diapers. Cronus swallowed him, suspecting nothing. The baby was raised on Crete by mountain nymphs and the goat Amalthea. When Zeus has grown up, he killed his father and gave freedom to his brothers and sisters who were living bowels. The powerd was distributed between gods, who have moved to Mount Olympus and lived their lifes joyfully, arguing and loving each other and watching people. Zeus also had many children, not only with his wife Hera but also with other goddesses and even women.

Demeter and Persephone

Demeteris the goddess of fertility, corn, grain, and the harvest and when Hades kidnaped her beloved daughter, she fell into despair and left Mount Olympus in the serch for Persephone. On her order the earth became barren and gave no more food. Then Zeus and Hades had to give in. They couldn't give Persephone back to her mother, because she had eaten a pomergranate in the underground - the food of the dead. A compromise was reached. Persephone spends nine months with her mother and for the rest of the year she gets back to her husband, to the underground -- then all life on earth fades and winter comes. But when spring comes, Persephone returns and with her all nature comes back to life.